Friday, December 12, 2008

Flea Market Research

I need to do some specific site research. There are 2 locations that on paper i.e. are large 250+ booths and near where I live, that I need to physically go to and see what the action is like. While I am there I have some questions.

What am I looking for?

I want to know the lay of the land how other food vendors are set up.

How much does each space cost?
Do they have sinks?
Do they have electricity?
How do they cook their food?
How do they refridgerate their food?
How do they serve their food?
How do they serve their drinks?
How much are they charging for food and drinks?
What kind of "specials" or "meal deals" do they have?
What are their hours of operation?
What type of POS are they using?
Does it require electricity?
What kind of payments do they accept (cash and/or credit)?
If credit cards, do they charge a fee?
Is there Internet access (for PayPal)?
What type of signage do they have, both permits and advertising?
Do they give out free samples?
Who manages their place (owner or employee)?
Where is all of the foot traffic?
Is there a "food court"?
How much space do I need?
Is this indoor, outdoor or both?
Do they advertise a web site?
What else would you want to know?

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Tim Jones said...

For internet access, you could share the 3G data connection on your phone to your laptop over bluetooth or something. The flea market would need to have good data coverage, and you'd need an analog backup plan of course.

When's this thing opening, already? I've been craving Thai food ever since you starting talking about it. Can I order this stuff over the web? Can you overnight it in a box? :)