Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Idea

Would Be Owner's Log, Star Date Aug 28 2008

I should have started this blog sooner with all the daily updates. For now, I will be posting a back log of events.

I want to start a business that will grow nationwide and that I can franchise. I think I will go with a food business.

Basically starting a food business seems like an easy thing to do. Make food and people will buy it. I mean I know. I buy food ALL the time. Some of it just plain sucks, some of it is simply amazing and along the lines of going to Heaven.

I have 2 ideas for why a food place will work. Some places survive because of location and convenience. Some places make it because their food is truly good. I hope to achieve both.

I may sound a bit aloof and "shooting-from-the-hip'ish" but I've been contemplating this for years. I've read books. I've done research.

This is what I decided on.

I want food that is almost fast food, convenient, and unique. I want my menu to be SMALL and simple ala a classic burger joint. I want to be able to get this started with as little money and equipment as possible. I want a SECRET recipe!

Decisions have been made, the menu items chosen, and the name of the place is...

Lake's Kitchen

Lake is my Mom's nickname and since we'll be using her SECRET recipe, I thought I'd name the place after her. The place's logo will have an iris in it. I won't explain the iris yet.

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Anonymous said...

What about the iris? Don't forget a well thought out business plan. And marketing.... I know Lake has some outstanding foods, but didn't know they were secret. How will you get strangers to try them? Good luck and Godspeed.